Friday, May 20, 2011

Face Of A Tyrant

Clarence Dupnik Pima County Sheriff

You can read the full report at: Is this how we repay our veterans?

The motherfuckers in this story are not just Law ENFORCERS. It is the American people who want to hurt people who have bad personal habits. What kind of fucked up shit is that? Especially when you consider that it is easier for kids to get an illegal drug than a legal beer.

Brutus says: Choose this day whom you will serve.”: An Open Letter to American Law Enforcement.
Respect for duly constituted authority and social trust are essential ingredients of civilization. These elements represent the basic glue of society.

Respect for duly constituted authority is, as every cop knows, at an all-time low. There are two general reasons for this, one systemic and the other so personal that if you look yourselves honestly in the mirror you can see it.
Read the whole God Damned thing.

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