Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Reality - Journey To The Moon

Polywell Fusion fan kunkmiester has suggested an interesting Reality TV Show.

Had this thought, mostly as an interesting way to get back to the moon. SpaceX is the big key in this though, since:

Dragon mission to ISS(close approximation to putting a crew capsule on a transfer vehicle) is $113M

Falcon 9X is $100-150M, figuring probably $120M for what I'm looking at

Base price of a Falcon 9 is $54M.

With modern tech, a lunar transfer vehicle with fuel should be well below the 9X's wieght to LEO. Crew goes up in a Dragon, lander gets in there, probably as a separate 9 launch.
Which is techno speak for how about a reality TV show whose goal is a return to the moon? There is more at the link. (note - I have added some links to the text for those of you who need to come up to speed on current technology)

I like the idea.

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