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How To Tell A Has Been

George Will does a masterful job of proving his irrelevance. Via Crooks and Liars. (It figures)

The Crooks? The Liars? do have one thing pegged. Palin is spooking the Republican establishment.
The Republican establishment is really spooked at the idea that Sarah Palin might run for President in 2012 after she decided to take a long bus ride and George Will didn't waste any time by throwing a haymaker on ABC's This Week:
Will: There's no undecided vote in this country anymor eon Sarah Palin The threshold question, it's not usually asked, but it’s in everyone’s mind in a presidential election. ‘Should we give this person nuclear weapons?’ And the answer [Palin], answers itself.” That doesn't mean she can't be without political consequence.
When Republicans call into question another Republican's national security chops you know there's real animus goin' on. Conservatives and the media always give the edge to protecting the homeland to the GOP so this isn't some off the cuff quote. Conservative pundits and kingmakers are speaking out against her hard so maybe the RWNM will focus on the Conserva-bias being dished out against her instead of the usual mean MSM media.
Well isn't that interesting. It only makes me like her more.

This video is a very nice illustration of why Palin has cut loose from her bases and is now rampaging across the countryside.

John King at about 3:10 into the video complains that Greta Van Susteren has a lock on reporting Palin's tour and he can't even get a bus schedule. So what does that mean? Well they have to follow Palin's tour or miss out. All the other candidates? Sucking wind. Or hind tit. As you prefer.

The whole media industrial complex is complaining about Palin.
But Monday, two things became clear: She will not shy away from unscripted encounters, and she isn't going let anyone know in advance where she's going as she wends her way across the country this summer.
I guess the MSM is not as self important as it used to be. Dang. That has got to hurt.

Palin explains why she doesn't owe the media anything in the below video. About a minute and a half (plus a commercial) of very entertaining video.

The audio isn't real clear but you can get a transcript here.

I believe that what is going on here is disintermediation. The proper definition under the circumstances: gutting the liberal media. See Will, George above.

Palin looks good in leather. I'd like to see the man from Chicago ne (Hawaii) or his wife pull that off.

CBS (where I got the photo) had this to say:
Riding onto the scene on the back of a Harley-Davidson, Sarah Palin made a dramatic entrance Sunday at a much-anticipated appearance with the Rolling Thunder bike rally in Arlington, Virginia, an early stop on her recently-launched national bus tour.

The annual motorcycle ride, part of a two-day effort by the Rolling Thunder nonprofit organization, means to draw attention to American troops who have gone missing in combat and remain unaccounted for. Hundreds of participants ride in support of the cause yearly.

Palin did not give a speech during her appearance, but said, when asked about the significance of the event, that it was important to honor men and women in uniform.

The former Alaska governor was joined by her husband, Todd, and daughters Bristol and Piper, the whole family riding in on motorcycles. (Todd helmed a black and burgundy cycle with Piper on the back, and Bristol and the former vice presidential candidate each rode on the back of separate bikes.)
ABC begins its whine this way:
Sarah Palin launched her bus tour this Memorial Day weekend, not on a bus, but on the back of a Harley, with expected stops in Philadelphia, Gettysburg, and all the way through early primary state, New Hampshire.

Palin began her trip riding across the Potomac River from Virginia into the nation's capitol. During the first leg of her tour, she joined Rolling Thunder, an organization that aims to raise awareness about American military personnel who are missing in action, or prisoners of war.
She is not running. And according to the experts even if she is running she can't win. This is going to be one of the funnest election campaigns ever.

The Lost Angels Times is very bitter. And they are not even clingers.
Sarah Palin's much-publicized "One Nation" bus tour got off to a chaotic and rumbling start Sunday in Washington, with no bus in sight and the potential presidential candidate only occasionally popping into view.

The former Alaska governor, who has indicated she is still contemplating a run for the White House in 2012, showed up at a motorcycle rally for veterans in a Pentagon parking lot, clad in black leather, a black helmet and sunglasses. She arrived with her husband, Todd, and two of their three daughters in tow.

"We're here to honor our vets," Palin told NBC News.

Someone in the crowd asked whether she would run for president. "I don't know yet," Palin replied, according to Fox News. Amid the rumble of motorcycles, she was also asked whether all of her tour events would be so loud.

"Oh, it would be a blast if they were this loud, if they smelled this good," Palin said. "I love that smell of the emissions!"
How declasse. She loves the smell of motorcycle emissions. Boy I love that girl. Almost as much as I love the first mate. The first mate was just saying to me the other day that she misses our bike. If I'm ever in the money again honey we will get another one.

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