Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Outstanding Comment

A most interesting comment I found at Wretchard's. More like vitriolic rant actually.

Joe Hill:

The American people aren’t all that smart and they aren’t all that interested either most the time, but once you get their attention and they actually bear down and concentrate on the problem at hand for a couple of minutes and make a decision it is political suicide to buck them. This health care bill is a done deal. It is as done as this mornings coffee that has been sitting on the burner all day.

The people thought about it and decided it sucks. If Massachusetts won’t buy it no one will. Obama is flogging a dead horse here and it is political suicide. All anyone wants to know is how are you going to get the economy going, create jobs, and get the deficit down… oh yeah and we don’t want no stinking carpet kissing camel jockeys blowing stuff up. We don’t care if you try him or just chain him up to a pickup truck and drag him for a few miles after waterboarding him, his cousin, his cousine;s mothers pet cat and three random totally innocent Islamic “moderates”. Just do it in a hurry. Do it quietly. Do it out of sight and don’t tell us about it – or anyone else for that matter.

Kill or enemies and keep the economy humming. It is as simple as that and he has about another three months to convince the country he is up to the job or he is going to have to double the guard at the White House gate.

The debt is unsustainable. We have lost 3 or 4 million jobs in the last year. The stock market is about to take another dive. Iran is developing a bomb. China’s economy is a house of cards. The Indians and illegals are taking all our jobs and depressing wages, and “it is Bush’s fault” doesn’t cut it any more. We fired that guy and hired Mr Hopey Changey to fix things and all they are doing is getting worse. On top of everything else we are up to our eyeballs in snow.

Feb 8, 2010 - 11:53 pm
I'd say Mr. Obama has done excellent work. In just over a year he has convinced about half the country he is not up for the job. An outstanding accomplishment rarely exceeded by any President.

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