Saturday, February 06, 2010

First Demoralize

Yuri Besmenov was a KGB Agent. You can watch more of Yuri at YouTube.

H/T Big Journalism

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Unknown said...

While there can't be much doubt that the USSR (via the KGB and similar) funded psyops-projects in the US and Western Europe, and would surely have appreciated a development like this, the question remains how much of this was actually funded by the KGB, and how much was the work of our own native intellectuals.

In Norway, we have had several anti-war and anti-nuclear organizations, some of which have had suspiciously close ties to Russian intellectuals. Do they all need to have been KGB-funded, or were only some? Did the funding itself change their motives and impact?


M. Simon said...

I agree. I think the value of the video is that it covers methods. The who is behind it question is secondary.