Monday, February 26, 2007

Lets You And Him Fight

I was reading Michael Totten's blog and came across this interview of him by the Jerusalem Post. One part of the interview caught my eye. (Question by the Post in bold)

Are Syria and Iran still supplying Hizbullah? Have they recovered from the war last summer?

Absolutely. Hizbullah is as strong, or at least nearly as strong, as they were last July. Iran and Syria will continue supplying Hizbullah until they fear the consequences of continuing their support or until no one in Lebanon is willing to receive their support. Right now everyone who dies because of Syrian and Iranian support for Hizbullah is Lebanese or Israeli. They have no reason to stop until that equation is altered.
This fits in with some of my posts from last summer (July and August '06) where I said Israel must take on Syria if it was to accomplish its war aims.

Now it looks like, although Israel thinks a war with Syria is not likely this year, it is preparing for a war with Syria. Perhaps the Israelis are wizing up.

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some other guy said...

The problem is that the Israel gov has no aims.

What was the aim of the last war? Getting the soldiers back - an aim Olmert forgot about at the end of that war.

Peretz called for 20 mile no mans land. Then said 2 miles. Then it became obvious he just makes empty statements.

No aim.
We should really get some aims.

linearthinker said...

The ultimate cost in Israeli casualties rises as time passes. New generations of anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons are being provided to Syria by Iran and Russia while the Israeli "leadership" dithers.