Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Gang Rape of Israeli Girls by Arabs

I couldn't blog this myself. Too horrible.

Carl in Jerusalem


Doug said...

If it's too ugly for you to blog, it's too ugly for me to read at this late hour, so here are some off-topic links.
Pic w/Kesey elicits nostalgia.

Son of Rockford (I didn't know) Stewart Brand
Nice article in NYTimes with lots of links on pg 2
(unfortunately, he sounds like another global warming hysteric)

Brand Bio

NYTimes Pg2 w/links

Doug said...

Home since 1982!
(I had a friend that had a houseboat back in '66, and a girlfriend w/a magnificient Sausalito Appt - $220/mo!)

John Galt said...

The fringe of madness, grows into a sickness, without a proper philosophical guide, as Atlas Shrugs.

Anonymous said...

I am still waiting for news on Iraq rape victims, but i guess Muslims are more interesting in hate view.