Saturday, December 18, 2004

Making the adjustment

I'm having one of my extended conversations with a lefty at Matt's place about where the Democrats need to face reality. Matt Y. is one of those "reality" left kinds of guys.

So one of the denizens of that pond challenged me "there is no such thing as med pot" he aproximately told me. Legalize or not was his position.

Here was my reply to him:


As to med pot:

On philosophical and even current research grounds I agree with you (are you familiar with the B. Lutz study of fear and the CB1 receptor?). I even agree with Dennis Peron that all use is medical use. Google - M. Simon drug - to read what I have learned. Or go to my site. I have a list of my drug articles on the side bar. It is quite exciting. I go into genetics, PTSD, the amygdala and more. I also cover all drugs not just pot. And food, and sex, and exercise, and stuff. But mostly the drug war.

All that aside in the minds of a significant part of the electorate there is med pot and recreational pot.

I'm somewhat of a gradualists. It is the best way to fight prejudice. One small part of a wrong belief at a time. So any way, I'd like to see med pot firmly established and then go on to win the next battle. I ain't getting everything I want all at once. Societies need time to adjust long established practices. Even bad ones.

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