Saturday, December 25, 2004


The Secty of Defence Donald Rumsfield visits the troops.

That is when I, without any thought, piped in with "Sir, you can talk to him, he's awake." He told the soldier, named Rob, how proud he was of his service. The soldier was in a bit of disbelief, because he couldn't see with one eye patched and the other swollen shut. He said he wanted to talk to Rumsfeld. That's when I said "He's standing right to your left, Rob, that's his voice you hear. You can talk to him." The kid was nervous at that point, but sputtered out how honored he was to talk to him. Mr. Rumsfeld replied, "No, it's an honor for me to talk to you."

Then remarkably, the young soldier, who had just lost his left hand and right eye from an explosion, came to the defense of the Secretary of Defense, stating "Mr. Rumsfeld, I want you to know, that you are doing a fantastic job. I know that you are taking a lot of heat for the problems with getting armor for vehicles. I want you to know that things are vastly improved. Our vehicles are great, and I have never searched through junk piles for scrap metal."
With troops and leaders like these the only way we can lose this war is the way we lost 'Nam. The America haters predominate.

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Vercingetorix said...

Perhaps I've been rude, well, I HAVE been rude.

I apologize.

But in this case I truly do not understand the point you were trying to make earlier.

What was it?

Vercingetorix said...

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It is very good.

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