Sunday, January 09, 2011

They Don't Have Politics

I know Eric at Classical Values is covering the Arizona shooter well. But I just had to have my say. And I'll make it short and sweet:

Paranoid Schizophrenics don't have politics. They have voices.

But if you want to do politics at least one of his acquaintances has said he was a lefty.

And if you are looking to condemn, how about a system that knew he was troubled and did nothing for him. We don't treat our mentally ill worse than dogs in Bedlams any more. We are better than that. We are indifferent to them.

Let me say this: for all its fiscal stupidity Illinois has a decent program for those with mental afflictions. Once they get in trouble with the law (the shooter had run ins in Arizona) there are special courts for them. Not only that, Rockford, Illinois has special police trained to deal with the mentally ill.

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