Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Edge And The Center

I was reading The Science of Libertarian Morality, H/T Instapundit, and got to thinking.

1. Humans are herd (troupe) animals.

2. Most want to live in the center of the herd. They have to know what the rules are. Some want mommy rules, some want daddy rules. They are in agreement that rules (lots of them) are required. It minimizes friction in the center. Every one knows where they stand in the hierarchy and they also know what to do. Novelty is kept to a minimum.

3. And then you have the crazies who want to live on the edge - and of course they want as few rules as possible. You never know what might come up. Or what novelty is available. New combinations!

4. Civilization is carried on the backs of the rule makers. It is advanced by the rule breakers.

Now can we all get along?

Wouldn't you know it? Amazon has a slew of books on libertarian morality:

Libertarian Morality

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