Monday, August 16, 2010

Fitting In

In a discussion of Black on Hispanic violence at Riehl World View I came across this comment:

The whole issue of where 'Hispanics' will ultimately fit in between whites and blacks has intrigued me for years. While some 'Hispanics', notably Puerto Ricans and Cubans, may be partly or wholly 'black' most of the Latin American 'Hispanics' and certainly the Iberian 'Hispanics' are either white or a mixture of white and descendants of the indigenous peoples who predated the Spanish conquest.

I have never forgotten a conversation between one of the leaders of Mecha (and affiliated with LaRaza) and his brother, home on leave from the Army, as a group of us sat drinking beer at a fiesta. The activist was talking about solidarity with blacks, and his brother called bulls**t on him, stating at length and heatedly that when push came to shove, blacks were as hostile to 'Mexicans' (his term) as to whites, that most whites he encountered (though not all) would give Mexicans a fair shot if they spoke decent English and didn't behave like 'pachucos', and that if push came to shove and it came to a race war between the blacks and the whites, he and the other Chicanos he knew in the Army would take the whites any day. His brother listened very thoughtfully. In over 2 more years of knowing him, I never heard him or any of the people he was close to speak of solidarity with blacks again.

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I have nothing to add.

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