Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Online Effort

Riehl World View is discussing why the GOP online efforts will fail. One commenter is looking for:

a leader that embraces conservatism instead of power.
That will never happen until the majority of the "conservative" base gives up on social engineering. i.e. really embraces small government instead of paying it lip service.In the meantime we will see the pendulum swing back and forth between the social engineers of the right and those of the left.

In my opinion the absolute BIGGEST MISTAKE RR made was getting involved in the Culture War. i.e. amping up the Drug War.

Culture is the responsibility of the people NOT the government.

It would be nice if we had two parties competing on the basis of more Liberty rather than more Control. What are the odds? It goes against nature for one thing. Some people crave power and control. Heck. I'm one of them (don't elect me - ever), but I channel that desire into something useful. Electrical power systems. Electrons go where they are told - mostly.

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