Saturday, June 19, 2010

Heavy Casualties Anticipated

Heavy casualties are expected among Democrats come November.

A new public opinion survey for NPR shows just how difficult it will be for Democrats to avoid big losses in the House this November.

Democrat Stan Greenberg and Republican Glen Bolger conducted the first public battleground poll of this election cycle. They chose the 70 House districts experts regard as most likely to oust incumbents this fall. What they found was grim news for Democrats.

For this poll, Bolger and Greenberg chose the districts where incumbents are considered the most vulnerable, and, in the case of open seats, the ones most likely to switch party control in November. Sixty are currently held by Democrats — many of whom won these seats even when voters in the same district preferred Republican John McCain for president in 2008. The other 10 districts are the flip side — held by Republicans in the House, even though their voters went for Barack Obama in 2008.
It can't happen soon enough.


ZZMike said...

I think the race to watch is Reid/Angel in Nevada. I don't think the Democrats can afford to lose this one - so they're going to fight hard and dirty (that's already started).

The unions are going to their worst.

I heard a bit of an Angel (she pronounces it "an-jell") radio interview. She's no latecomer, and comes across as forceful and dynamic. At one point she referred to Reid as "Obama whisperer".

The North Coast said...

I hope you don't think the Republicans will improve things. They are exactly like the Dummycrats-just more Jesus and prayer.

Politics have become grotesque in this country. We desperately need the Libertarian viewpoint to be represented.

M. Simon said...

North Coast. Until Libertarians become an actual force in politics I'm going with the Republicans.

If you go by deficits they are 4X better than Democrats.

I think the best hope for a more libertarian government is the Tea Party movement.

See my post Tea? Party

BTW I was Secty/Treas of our local Libertarian Club for 3 years so I am not unfamiliar with the arguments.

ZZMike said...

"We desperately need the Libertarian viewpoint to be represented."

There are a number of things that work against a Libertarian Party win:

The System is rigged against third parties. (Ross Perot ensured Clinton's election. California just passed an "open primary" law, in which the "top two" - regardless of party - advance to the General election. Knowing Californians, we'll most likely see two Democrats.)

Then there's the Libertarian voter - or rather, non-voter. It may be an extreme example, but the few Libertarian friends I know, take the position "don't vote - it only encourages them".