Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Spending My Time

And for those of you wondering where I have been lately? Busy learning the ARM instruction set. Preparatory to writing a simple FORTH for the ARM. The whole concept is supported by a number of companies so code written for one company's chips should with modification work on another company's chips.

Right now I like the TI, ATMEL, and ST Microelectronics chips. For the time being I've settled on the IAR Toolset. If any one has any suggestions, I'm open.

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Christophe said...

Man I wish I had time like that. I'd put whole days into the n64-psp emulator.


steve poling said...

have you access to a library large enough to have all the back issues of Byte or Dr. Dobb's Journal of Tiny BASIC Calisthenics & Orthodontia of the early '80s? There were a lot of articles about threaded interpreters back then.

If you want, I can check my Dr. Dobbs' CD-ROM to see if it goes back far enough.

LarryD said...

Check out pForth.

M. Simon said...

How much are you willing to sacrifice for your dream?

M. Simon said...

I found a copy of an 8080/Z80 Forth from '79 on the net. It is all I absolutely need. That and my copy of ANSI FORTH.

I did a FORTH for the SUPER 8. This is much easier. I'll publish the basic DOCs as soon as I get a couple of things sorted out.

M. Simon said...

the pFORTH might be useful. However I'm doing the whole thing in ASSEMBLY Code.

It really is very easy with this machine.

Clark said...

Also check out jonesforth.

Richard Jones, for educational purposes, wrote a very well documented x86 assembler version of forth for running under linux. That way he could demonstrate a hardware level forth, but let the OS do the IO. It consists of 2 files, jonesforth.S and jonesforth.f, which defines common non-primitives and implements some nice things like SEE.

The assembler file (.S) file contains 100 lines of comments for every line of assembler and shows in detail how this implementation of forth is working.

M. Simon said...


Thanks. I'll have a look.