Thursday, January 12, 2006

Good News from the Middle East

The Jerusalem Post reports: Egypt threatens Abbas.

Egypt threatened to withdraw its support for the Palestinian Authority if the PA did not act to control the rampant anarchy in the Gaza Strip, according to a report in the London Arab newspaper Al Quds.

The report claimed that following the incident at the Rafah border crossing in which two Egyptian soldiers were killed, Egyptian authorities delivered the threat to PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas as part of a specially delivered message.

Egypt also threatened to withdraw its support for the peace process if the PA did not take the proper steps to restore order to Gaza.

Israel Radio reported that there were no other confirmations of the account.
The Palestinians are such charming people. They can't even get along with their friends. What chance is there that they can make peace with their enemies.

I think this also reinforces the idea that Sharon's return of Gaza was a truly brilliant plan. The Palistinians are making fools of themselves and enemies of their friends. As I said. Good news from the Middle East.


hOSAM said...

I am not skeptic about the news. However, you need to understand that most Egyptians believe in the Palestinian cause as theirs. Egyptians have fought wars for the sake of Palestinian freedom and they will do it again if they feel urged to. Palestine for Egyptians is a geographical national security matter and a holy cause of freedom. What few young Palestinians do, is not going to change this stance, not in a very foreseen future.
Btw, Egyptian have arrested few hundreds of these young Palestininas, but they released them ALL unconditinally yesterday. This should give the real insight into what's really going on.

M. Simon said...

hosam is a tech guy. A code warrior.

He has a good blog. Visit it.