Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Abortion Police

OK. You get laws passed (let us make them Federal for the sake of argument) making abortion illegal.

What is the enforcement regime going to look like? What will the shape of the abortion underground be?


i.e. like Iraq (or the up coming Iran which I favor) what comes next?

All I see are Billy Sunday visions of how perfect the world will be without abortion. What if things don't turn out so perfect? What will the black market for D&Cs look like? RU-485. Birth control pills? etc. etc. etc.

I think the only moral way to end abortion is to eliminate demand. Because as any capitalist knows - supply follows demand. The republicans are the Capitalist party aren't they? Well they do a good job of encouraging capitalism among the criminal classes. Buying and selling instead of stealing.

Where did all this Right Wing Socialism come from? Todd Zywicki at the Volokh Conspiracy did look at it in academia and found that except for the libertarian influence (big tent) that Republicans were almost as socialist (big state) as Democrats. The objects were different the methods the same.

Doesn't it ever bother you or other Big Government Conservatives?

If government can't deliver health care or stop drug abuse how well are they going to do on abortion? The occasional woman or doctor killed in no knock raids will just be unfortunate accidents I suppose.

I really wished that some day the Republicans got a semi-coherent philosopy in opposition and stuck to it. Goldwater. I voted LBJ and the stupid Republicans have followed me over a cliff I have since reclimbed.

Passing laws is easy. Making Americans obey them is harder. It is a common law country. In essence every man is a law unto himself (within the usual limits). Governments hold only limited sway. Republican used to know this. Well some of them anyway.

Update: 26 Jan '06 1811z

Mahndisa has some thoughts.


Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

01 26 06

Hey there M. Simon: Now the two issues you have brought up hit close tohome so I will tryta keep this short. For one, I think abortion as a means of birth control is the bane of our society. It disallows people from taking responsibility for their actions and sets a bad precedent. But the issue of enforcement is a big one. And if the only exceptions are rape and incest, how many women will falsely claim rape to justify it in a legal context? The mere concept of baby killing bothers me. Yet enforcement and the impact on our judicial system must be examined!

The next issue that you mentioned is that the GOP is a statist party. I have been discussing this on my blog for a while now. I don't like statism in almost any context and the fact that they purport to be conservative, but blast us into debt AND support a war that is bankrupting us isn't based on conservtive principles. Here is a post by the Intellectual insurgent here, that has many of the senators rated on a conservative index. It says just what you do:)

OK, one more thing taking a capitalist approach and eliminating the demand for abortion is the best way to go. Supply and demand are the basics laws that govern us,imho-that is how the bus boycotts were successful! Good post!

Anonymous said...

if you cannot trust someone with a choice how can you trust them with a baby..

and laws only govern those who wish to be governed..