Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Religion Test

Well it looks like we know one reason Bush selected Miers. She passed the religion test.

I really, really wonder if Bush is trying to sink this nomination. She passed the religion test. In America in 2005, just how lame is this?

I consider myself to be part of spiritual America. Religious even. In my own way. In my opinion religion ought to have nothing to do with it.

I hear Miers is getting tutored in Constitutional law. Evidently, having passed the religion test, she is not quite prepared for the test on the Constitution. Just what kind of whack job is Bush fobbing off on us?

Update: 14 Oct '05 0406z

Baldilocks has a nice discussion going on and was kind enough to give me a link. So I am returning the favor. She has links to more comment in a similar vein to the above.

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ShellyP said...

I agree that religion should have nothing to do with it. But many "Christians" believe that it is their duty to enforce their beliefs - nevermind that God has always given us choices.