Friday, May 26, 2006

Thousands to ERs Due to ADHD Drugs

It appears that a lot of kids are overdosing on ADHD drugs.

There is a safer alternative to medical cartel drugs at least for some. Cannabis. Why is it generally unavailable? Because there is A War On Unpatented Drugs.

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GOP Christian said...

Your comment on my site did not make sense. I do not support drug cartels, legal OR illegal. Scientologists and Jehovah's Witnesses are right to abstain from legal drugs as much as possible. ALL drugs are sorcery; legal or illegal, poison is poison.

M. Simon said...

If you favor the drug war you favor drug cartels legal and illegal. Drug prohibition is a price support system for criminals, just as alcohol prohibition was. Did you ever learn about the history alcohol prohibition? Supression of cannabis also supports the legal drug cartels by supressing a cheaper natural alternative.

Cannabis is a very useful drug for many conditions. A position at least implied by the approval by the FDA of components of cannabis.

Why is cannabis suppressed?

1. It is cheap and can be grown easily. Thus imperiling drug company profits for things like anti-anxiety drugs.

2. Law enforcement in America depends on drug prohibition and resultant incarceration for a large share of its budget. Our prison population has grown by a factor of 10 since the 70s due to prohibition related crimes.

You attitude that all drugs are sorcery is interesting. I take it you are backing the Christian Science position that only the Maker can heal. Which is interesting but not mainstream.

Doesn't the Bible allow us the use of all seed bearing plants? At the very least for food? And what about birds who eat the seeds? Doesn't cannabis eradication deny them? Perhaps the silent spring is not due to pesticides but the elimination of a plant food that in fact makes birds sing.

There are some who believe that cannabis oil was part of the anointing oil used in times past. Where do you stand on that question?

Is it possible that you, like Billy Sunday, support one thing (the elimination of intoxicants) while in fact also supporting something else (criminals)?

M. Simon said...

BTW thanks for your comments.

John David Galt said...

I am as much against the War on Drugs as anyone, but I don't buy the paranoid inference that its backers' motives have anything to do with the profits from patented drugs. (I could very well believe, however, that the AMA and its allies are waging a war against individuals' ability to obtain drugs without the approval of a government licensed "nanny".)

If there were really a War on Unpatented Drugs, why hasn't the government shut down the so-called dietary supplement industry, nearly all of whose products are just plain phony in the sense that using them has no effect?

M. Simon said...

Actually John Galt bills to do just that sponsored by the medical cartel appear frequently in Congress.

None has passed. Yet.

As to suppliments. I have used massive doses of vitamin C rather than anti-biotics for massive infections. It works rather well for me. YMMV.

The thing to remember is the placebo effect. It works when people believe it does. Nothing wrong with that.