Monday, December 19, 2011

Hanukkah Science Experiments

1 comment: United States Marijuana Party said...

O.K., here's your holiday science experiment, and sorry if it isn't Kosher:

Which candidate for President of the United States 2012
has the most "balls" (regardless of sex or size)?

In astrology, mars governs a person's sex drive,
but not their sex type of female or male, or size.

Mars defines a person's agression and energy,
and way of manipulating others
to get what they want.

How "driven" are the current slate of candidates
for President of the United States of America 2012?

Could Barack Obama lose the 2012 Presidential Race if
Michelle Bachmann or Jon Huntsman wins the
Republican Primary?

Are either Michelle Bachmann or Jon Huntsman actually
more agressive and assertive and "driven" than Barack Obama?

Has anyone ever said to Michelle Bachmann, "You've got a
lot of balls for a woman!"?

Does either
Michelle Bachmann or Jon Huntsman display more
sexual appeal to voters than Barack Obama?

With the coming of the Mayan Prophecy in 2012,
is Jon Huntsman, with Mars in Aquarius, the best
person to lead us into the harmonius and peaceful
new age,
leaving behind the style of political assassinations
that have occurred during the Presidency of Barack Obama
with his Mars in Virgo which is known for being cold
and calculating?

Which POTUS candidate for President of the United States
of America has the most "balls"?

Let's look at how many degrees of Mars each of these
candidates has:

Gary Johnson - Mars in 1 degree Pisces

(Herman Cain - Mars in 2 degrees of Pisces)

Rick Perry - Mars in 5 degrees Libra

Mitt Romney - Mars in 6 degrees Pisces

Rick Santorum - Mars in 10 degrees Pisces

Ron Paul - Mars in 12 degrees Scorpio

Newt Gingrich - Mars in 15 degrees Aries

Barack Obama - Mars in 22 degrees Virgo

Michelle Bachmann - Mars in 24 degrees Capricorn

Jon Huntsman - Mars in 25 degrees Aquarius

Being a Governor or a United States Senator or Congresperson
does not take the same degree of "balls" as being POTUS,
President of the United States, because you have to have
your finger on the button of nuclear weapons.

Michelle Bachmann, with Mars in Capricorn, is all business
and just as cold and calculating as Barack Obama with Mars in Virgo.

Well, let's just watch and see what happens!

Which candidate will "flirt" with the voters the most?