Monday, June 11, 2007

Change The World In Three Minutes

Dr. Robert Bussard talks about how to change the world and it only takes three minutes.

For a deeper look at this technology:

Bussard Fusion Reactor

The video at this one is deep on physics and lasts an hour and a half, however the last 30 minutes has the implications. The three minute video is excerpted from this longer version:
Easy Low Cost No Radiation Fusion

IEC Fusion Newsgroup
IEC Fusion Technology


Snake Oil Baron said...

While I wish them the best of fortune with their research, given how much the forecasted potential for all types of fusion has fallen short of the mark, I wonder if even complete and unequivocal success will cure me of my fusion skepticism.

Preacher of Prometheus said...

Something has to. :) Any help, even spreading the word could help the effort.