Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Culture Of Rape

Commenter firebug at Durham in Wonderland points out this really wonderful site called Pandagon and a discussion of the Duke case going on there.

They talk about the culture of rape that allowed and encouraged the "rape" of the "victim" in the case.

If Federal Crime Statistics[pdf] are to be believed there is very little white on black rape in America. The numbers show that black on white rape is the predominant interracial rape crime. If you account for population it is even worse.

So I suppose you could say that there is a culture of interracial rape in America.

What supports it? Just listen to the music.

When a culture no longer honors its women, you have a culture in serious decline.

Clayton Cramer discusses the statistics.

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Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

01 23 07

Well M. Simon:
I agree with that. Any culture that doesn't value women will generally have higher rape statistics. In terms of this interracial thing, I was unaware. I told you before that I had been sexually assaulted, but the guys who did that to me were White and Mexican.

I wonder what good a classification of rape via ethnic groups can do? One wonders if such talk will widen existing schisms...

On the other hand, it is quite important to broach this topic because it gives us keen insight into the human psyche...Good, painful post.

Karridine said...

Rape is VIOLENCE, expressed sexually.

Address the racism, yes, but also address the violent aspect, the educational aspect and the porn-culture aspects...

On second thought, change the whole culture: "Such a chaste and holy life, with its implications of modesty, purity, temperance, decency and clean-mindedness..." (page 25, Advent of Divine Justice)

Step into a taste of a world community, based on respect for women AND for men; based on respect for the one-ness of all humankind; based on our responsible use of and development of that which distinguishes us from animals, our Rational Soul...

Baha'is do NOT wink at rapists, or apologize for them, or coddle them.

Karridine said...

"Baha'is do not wink at RAPE."

Preview Is My Friend PIMF

M. Simon said...

When asked about pornography Oscar Levant said to Johnny Carson "It helps".

Over at Clayton Cramer's a while back there was a study of computer users. The incidence of rape by computer users was higher than the population average. Access to pornography on the computer reduced the number to the population average.

So actually pornography might help.

BTW Clayton is a pretty conservative guy.

Anonymous said...

I came here from DIW, where I enjoy your comments. Thank you for posting the url for the victims' survey statistics. I was surprised to see that rape is not an intraracial crime. Black men rape 100% of the black victims, but they also rape 33.6% of the white victims. When the percentages are broken down it is revealed that the black rapists seem to prefer white victims.
Total white victims: 111,490
w/vict. bl/rapist 33.6%: 37,460
Black vics/Bl.rapist 100%: 36,620

White rapists finished well behind blacks. The white rapists' total was 44.5% of the white victims, or 49,613. The black rapists' total was 74,080.