Thursday, March 13, 2008

No Complaints

It turns out that soon to be former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer liked to have a hooker visit him while he traveled.

The revelation that outgoing New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer is accused of having one of his career-ending trysts in Dallas may leave the impression that Big D is a hub for pricey escort services.

Not so, say those familiar with the local scene.

"We haven't seen a significant number of high-end escort services in the city," said Dallas police Deputy Chief Julian Bernal, commander of the vice unit. "They could exist, but they might be so exclusive we wouldn't know about it."
So that is the essence of a victimless crime. You can't get those involved in the crime to complain.
Even with the blatant advertising in papers and online, call girl operations are not a priority for Dallas vice officers, Chief Bernal said.

Street prostitution "is the focus" because it's visible and garners community complaints, he said. Undercover agents occasionally answer an ad and work a case to keep the call girls "on their toes," the chief said.
So even for police - if it is not a public nuisance - they generally are not interested. That is mostly true of the drug war too. Police do not target high end dealers or end users. They target visible "crime". Which turns out to involve mostly the poor.
In the past, the vice unit has received complaints discreetly from security staffs at some of the city's higher-end hotels where call girls were plying their trade.

"Clients of the hotels were being robbed by reportedly high-end prostitutes," he said.

The practice is probably more rampant, but moneyed clients "are not going to be doing reports on thefts of a watch," particularly if it will document their activities, he said.
Hotels are not very interested in cracking down on all but the most blatant or bad mannered prostitutes. After all prostitution helps sell hotel rooms. Prostitution is a profit center for hotels. They just don't want (in most cases) the prostitutes bringing down the tone of the place or scaring the children.

Now if prostitution was legal, the prostitutes who are also thieves might get some added attention. OTOH maybe not. Men who are keeping secrets from their wives might not wish to report such crime even if prostitution was not a crime.

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linearthinker said...

Oh, what tangled webs we weave,
When we practice to deceive...

Legalize it, regulate it for health purposes, tax it nominally, and otherwise get the hell out of the way.

Bring the prices down.

I know. I'm dreaming.